Space Warfare

This episode focuses on the basic concepts and misconceptions of wars fought in space and examines the notions of weapons, defenses, stealth in space, and the distance involved. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

The Kardashev Scale

What is the Kardashev scale? The scale was originally designed in 1964 by the Russian astrophysicist Nikolai Kardashev. He was looking for signs of extraterrestrial life within cosmic signals. The Kardashev scale has 3 base classes, each with an energy disposal level: Type I (10¹⁶W), Type II (10²⁶W), and Type III (10³⁶W). Other astronomers have […]

Post Scarcity Civilisations

Post Scarcity Civilisations If resources were unlimited, everything would be free. Cars would be free just as gumballs would be free. And because everything is free, then NOTHING would have value. There would be no prices. Just “stuff.” What Is A Post Scarcity Society? “Post Scarcity” is basically a utopian ideal of economists. It means […]

Building Bernal Spheres with Robotics

Benefits Of A Bernal Sphere

Building Bernal Spheres in space: The role of robotics and autonomous construction. Find out more about Building Bernal spheres with robotics and autonomous construction.

Life Extension

In this episode Isaac explores technological challenges and solutions for extending the human life span and contemplate some of the challenges an extended lifespan might pose for our civilisation. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

Life Inside a Bernal Sphere

Life inside a Bernal Sphere

Life inside a Bernal Sphere: Social and psychological implications for space settlers. Find out more about Life Inside a Bernal Sphere.

Von Neumann Probes And Interstellar Travel

This article explores Von Neumann probes and interstellar travel: Could these machines help us reach the stars? Find out more about Von Neumann Probes And Interstellar Travel.

Bernal Spheres And Space Agriculture

Bernal Spheres for long-term space colonization

Bernal Spheres and space agriculture: Challenges and solutions for food production in space. Find out more about Bernal Spheres And Space Agriculture.